Looking for High Rate of Return?

Work with Able House
The Premium Co-living House

The Average rate of interest of commercial banks in Korea 1%
The best way to get high rate of profits

Co-living house is the general trend of the millennials.

  • 01

    High rate of return with
    small amount of investment

  • 02

    Lessen the burden
    of lease management

  • 03

    Increase of added value
    of the house

Able House will take care of the planning and maintaining the asset, and operating the house
with expertise in share-house management.

  • 01

    Tenant Recruitment/ Management

  • 02


  • 03

    Live Assets Management

How to Become a Host

  • Management Inquiries

    Tell us about the building that you want us to operate.

  • Meeting

    Have a meeting to talk about the real estate and profitability, the cost for remodeling, operating process.

  • Contract

    After discussing the length of contract and the cost, then sign the final contract.

  • Remodeling

    With the minimum cost, we remodel the house that fits the image of co-living house.

  • Operation

    Start Able House’s special services

Burden of managing real estate, difficulty of estimating profits

Worry no more!
Able House’s professional management, which has been
confirmed by numerous hosts already, will take care of it.