Living Together Creates
Beautiful Synergistic Effects

‘I want to befriend those who are different from me..’
But isn’t it hard to get a chance to meet someone new and become friends?

Join our Abler Community. It will give you more than just communal living experience. We have various events prepared, dedicated to Ablers only.


The first step of becoming an Abler. You can learn about the rules that you have to keep as you live in the Able House, and ask us if you have any questions.
You will meet the other Ablers who you will be living together, so the orientation is mandatory.

Let’s get Closer! Welcome Party

We hold welcome parties to strengthen the bond between housemates. Introduce yourselves and share stories as you feast on delicious food. It is a chance to talk about what you expect from living in the share-house, and get to know more about your housemates!

Other Community Events

Able House offers you other various events that allows you to communicate with students from other universities, and even from other countries. You can exchange cultural experiences and communicate in different languages. Join the events and feel the joy that the togetherness brings.