Check In/Out | Is it possible to send my belonging before I move-in?

It is up to you to send your belongings to the place before you move in. 

But we do not look after your belongings for you.

It is your responsibility to pick them up.

Check In/Out | Can I move in after the designated date?
The designated moving in date is 25th. Moving in after 25th is fine with us, but moving in before the date might cause you extra charge. 
Check In/Out | When is the designated date of moving in?

In the spring semester, it is February 25th, and in the fall semester it is August 25th. 

Check In/Out | Can I move out whenever I want to?

You cannot move out before the contract ends. 

If you have to move out for any reason, you still have to pay for the remaining monthly fee and maintenance fee for the rest of the term. 

Check In/Out | What is the process of moving out?

We ask you whether you want to renew the contract two months before the contract expires. 

If you do not wish to renew the contract, our manager visits on the day you are moving out to confirm that you cleaned up the room and that you are not leaving anything behind. 

Then we give you confirmation of moving out paper to sign. 

After you sign the paper, we return the deposit. 

When we return the deposit, we leave KRW500,000 from the deposit to calculate the maintenance fee. The calculation takes about a month or two. When the calculation is done, we send e-mails and return the remaining money.

If you are moving out before or after office hours, you have to take pictures of your room to show us that you cleaned everything. After that, our manager will visit the office hour and check.

Then we will return the deposit.  

Check In/Out | Is there something I need to bring as I move in?

We are fully prepared with furniture and electronic appliances.

You should bring what you would need for your personal use, for example, your own sheets for the bed, pillow, spoon, fork, dishes.

Check In/Out | What are the rules, if there is any, that I should be aware of as I move in?

We are going to inform you about the rules that you must keep as we sign the contract. 

Other than that, we respect your privacy. 

We recommend you to make your own life guideline with your housemates for your comfort.

Contract | What are included in the fees that I pay every month?

In the monthly fee, the fee for the rent, operation, and maintenance is included.

KRW 50,000 is for the operation, which includes wifi, water purifier, and cleaning services, and KRW 50,000 is the maintenance fee that includes the bill for electricity, water use, and gas. 

Contract | I could not find anyone who can take my place but I have to move out. What happens then?

Even if you move out before the designated date, you have to pay for the monthly fee for the rest of the term. 

Contract | Can I hand over the room to someone else?


But you have to confirm with the other housemates first and notify us. The person taking your place must be a student like you. 

After you confirm with your housemates and contact us, you and the person taking the place must visit the office to sign the contract.